Junior Handyman (Parent-Child)


Having a handyman or woman around the house is important for so many reasons.  For one, professional handyman services don't come cheap, not to mention having to put up with the inconvenience of having to work your schedule around them.  In fact, many of the problems you need to deal with at home are actually simple enough to handle on your own.  But it's truly amazing (or shocking) how many people don't have these basic handyman skills.

It's not a total loss.  There are a range of workshops and courses that are so easily accessible, even the kids can join in.  So it's not just a matter of getting that leaky tap fixed or changing that flickering lightbulb – it's also a familiar affair!

1)         Start Young – You're never too young to learn about tools

Kids are naturally curious, and would often want to imitate what they see the adults doing.  So why not introduce them to tools and their use?  They'll get to know how these tools work; and how and when they are used.  We'll start with the humble hammer, screwdriver and wrench – which most home repairs and maintenance projects would involve.

2)         Getting the Kids Involved

Kids as young as pre-schoolers can get involved in DIY as little assistants to their parents.  Working alongside Mum and Dad, watching and helping , they'll be expanding their own “toolbox” with each project as new tools, skills and knowledge are introduced.  As they learn along with their parents, self-esteem and confidence grows.  Families that DIY together stay together!

3)         Safety First

No matter how simple the handyman project is, safety always comes first.  This will be at the very heart of any handyman's training.  Through these courses, the young handyfolk will learn not to take any tools materials or methods for granted, so that their projects are rewarding efforts rather than dangerous journeys full of risks.  There's always a right tool for the right job… and they'll know it!

4)         Your Very Own Toolbox

When they're a bit more experienced, the natural reward would be a toolbox of their very own.  They'll then be able to repair the bicycle, tinker with gadgets and toys using their OWN tools, and not have to borrow Mum and Dad's.  There's nothing more satisfying knowing that you're speeding along the path again because of the repairs YOU did.

In time, it may be the case where the adults would be assisting these junior handyfolk!


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Start Date 30 Dec 2017
End Date 30 Dec 2017
Vacancy 15
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