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What is a Smarthome and will it be costly? Do I have to hack walls and ceilings to install it? How do I maintain it?

Learn how to set up and maintain a Smarthome at a fraction of the cost, time and effort through this workshop!

Darius, lead engineer of eVida Smarthome, will be sharing from his project experiences and knowledge to help you set up basic home automation in record time without breaking the bank!

This course is ideal to equip you with the basic know-how and skills to automate your very own living room and apply this knowledge to the rest of your house! Let your home be ‘Smart Nation’ worthy!

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Who is this course for?
1. This course is designed for beginners to tech savvy individuals,
2. Those interested to have deeper insight on home automation

What you will learn:
1. How to plan for a basic Smarthome System
2. A hands-on experience to convert an existing switch into a smart switch
3. Basic device setup and software configuration within a Z-Wave network
4. Crafting of customised automation solutions for your living room

  • Devices covered in this course include:
      • Vera Z-Wave Gateway
      • Z-Wave Capacitive Touch Switches
      • Z-Wave Smart Plug
      • Z-Wave Air-Con IR Blaster
      • Z-Wave Scene Controllers

Participants will be entitled to 10% off on the following Z-Wave devices!

  • Notes:

1. All notes and materials provided to participants except laptops.
2. Each participant should bring their own laptops for learning purposes.


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